I’m freaking out. I think I’m gonna cry.

Our computer crashed. My files are gone. Just gone. All the hours of work, once again lost. Drew for HOURS last night, and it’s all lost. Thanks to my brothers thinking that clicking shady ads on whatever website they visit is a good thing. I swear, every time our computer gets some sort of virus, it’s because of them. It happens often enough to make me ask myself: “how can they still be that fucking stupid”

As if the half done drawings weren’t enough, I’m down to 4 out of ???? panels for the update again. I was so damn happy with the five I managed to pick myself up to get done over these past few days. I don’t think I can go downstairs to our movie night tonight, I’m so mad I can’t even be around them.

Oh my god I’m so glad I decided to skip watching The Fault In Our Stars when it was in theaters
My friends weren’t joking when they said it’s impossible not to cry

Just wow this movie is horrible I hate it and love it at the same time

Anonymous asked:

No problem, I just want to make sure you don't run into the horrible feeling of completing an 11-image update for your blog and then find out you can't even upload it in one post without making it look ugly.

Yeah, that’d suck. Hopefully my plan will work! I don’t think it’ll be more than 7 images in total.. Yay!

Anonymous asked:

If you make the image too tall, it scales it down a lot, so you can't combine it all into one big image. I don't know the exact pixel size where it starts to scale it down.

Another solution: link to a higher res version! :D I usually don’t make it more than 3 images high, anyways. Thank you though ^^